A little about Lauren 

Lauren Zinn  | zinnphotography.net

Things I love

I’m a goofball with creative dreams!

  • I dress up more to go see movies than I do going out to dinner with my husband

  • I’m not allowed to go into Hobby Lobby without a list

  • I love my COFFEE and ICECREAM!

  • I can control my french mouth. but please excuse my Irish mouth!

  • I love making random trips to go get caffeine or sugar, so let’s hang out!

I define myself as a proud mother of four Boston Terriers, yes, I really did say 4 dogs, a good friend, loving wife, a fighter, and a red-headed goof-nut with creative dreams. I believe the world is what you make it and simple smile can go a long way!

I grew up in a family where we were constantly photographed by my father. He would print the pictures and put them in photo albums. I remember I would sit down with them all the time as a child and enjoy seeing the specialness in our everyday lives.

On your couples session, I want you to laugh big, to kiss recklessly, and to even have a harry potter wand fight. in family sessions I believe that perfection is overrated, and that the best moments are the unscripted ones. But the biggest thing I believe in is that life is fun, and that everyone is passionate about something, and that I am the person who wants to celebrate that with you.

My love for photography started as a passion for capturing my friends, family, and the little things around me. It has transformed into a desire, a belief, that memories can be captured to create stories to go back to for a lifetime. To be a quiet observer and capture emotions and moments through my art is such an honor for me. I honestly believe that being a photographer is not a job but a true joy in my life. I love to tell stories with pictures and express the moment where there are no words that can describe what an image can convey. This is why I truly love photography.

Lauren Zinn in downtown Houston | zinnphotography.net

My favorite colors are Purple, Rose Gold, and Red (of course)

Dark Metal Jewelry & all things SPARKLY!
Romantic Comedies, Animes, and Harry Potter
Portraits of my dogs on the walls
Wall Art is my PASSION!
Home Goods | Pinterest | Kendra Scott | Ice Cream | New Paints on a Canvas | Sushi |

I’m a “Canon Girl” | 5D | 7D | 50 or 85mm Lens | Houston Astros!