Session Client Questionnaire

I'm thrilled at the opportunity to photograph you!

Please fill out this questionnaire well before your session. The information you provide helps us plan for your session and get to know who you are. The more you provide, the better we will be able to photograph a session that YOU love!

None of this information is never shared and is strictly to help us create the best portraits possible for you.

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About Your Family....
Example: Lauren Zinn/ 30 / August 1st, Christ Zinn/ Spouse/ 32/ April 12th
Are treats ok? I normally keep Smarties in my camera bag & will use them to bride the little ones. YES, I'm all about bribing! *
What types of images are most important to you? *
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About your HOME...
A big part of helping you choose images, location & "what to wear" has to do with where you will be displaying the images. So this part is very important!
What are your major portrait session goals? It's one thing to hire a professional to create images, it's another thing to actually do something with them. But as you go through this creative process, it's important to decide how you want to display them. Ask yourself "How do I want to see these images 5-10 years from now?"
What room(s) are you interested in hanging a wall portrait or portrait display? *
Bedrooms Living / Family Room Dining Room Playroom Hallway Stair way Office Bathroom Kids / Game room Other
Share some images with me!!!! Are there images from my website that you just love? Show me your home. Email me the rooms you are thinking about putting images up on..
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Although the portrait contract has a model release in it I always like to ask your permission to share these on facebook as well as my blog. Is this okay with you?